Air Conditioning Service

Are the warmer days in Portland making you reach for the air conditioning in your car?  Summer in Oregon can be a stark contrast to the winter months.  Let the experts at the Gresham Quick Lane get your car in shape for those epic road trips in your future.

Air Conditioning Service Includes:

  • A complete inspection on air conditioning components
  • Leak testing by our certified Quick Lane Technicians


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Automotive Air Conditioning Service

Air Conditioning Repair

If your AC system needs more than a fill up the Gresham Quick Lane can fix it while you wait, no appointment needed.  Inspecting the compressor and drive belts for signs of wear and damage can identify troublesome leaks and cracks that are impeding your air conditioning appearance.  When your refrigerant escapes through the cracks you can get repeated fill ups on refrigerant  but your AC may still be lacking.  Over time the hoses can become cracked and worn causing leaks.  Let the Gresham Quick Lane Team seal up your system.

Even if you like the heat and view AC as a luxury, know that your air conditioning system is important for more than just hot summer days.  Your automotive AC System also removes the humidity that fogs up your windows.  If your AC isn’t working properly it will take longer even in the winter to defog your windows.

The Gresham Quick Lane team will inspect and ensure that all major parts of your AC system is working properly.  The compressor, condenser and the evaporator all work together to make your car nice and chilly on those hot Portland days.

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