The Gresham Quick Lane specializes in the maintenance of ALL Makes and ALL Models, foreign and domestic and that includes AC Service too.  As the days in Portland are getting hotter you will reach for the air conditioning and we want it to blow cold for you.  Let the experts at the Gresham Quick Lane check your car’s air conditioning system, while you wait with no appointment necessary.

Gresham Quick Lane

You will want to get your AC checked especially if you are planning a road trip this season.  And you can count on your Gresham Quick Lane to have the high quality AC parts you need in stock.

When the certified Quicklane Technicians perform an Air Conditioning it includes:

  • Inspection of Air Conditioning System and Components
  • Inspect Air Conditioning compressor
  • Inspect the AC Compressor Drive Belt
  • Leak testing using certified equipment
  • Comprehensive line of replacement parts are kept in stock
  • PAG and R-12 refrigerant oils are used to keep your AC cold


Automotive Air Conditioning ServiceYou may not realize it, but your car’s air conditioning system is really an important part of interior comfort.  Your AC system not only keeps you cool on the sizzling days but removes the humidity inside that fogs up your windows.  In fact that can be a sign that your air conditioning system has a leak or needs recharging, when your windows take forever to dissipate the fog on your windows when you start your car.

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