Oil Change Auto Service in Gresham, Oregon

Oil Change in Gresham Oregon


Your car is most likely the largest purchase you have made other than your home.  We all want our cars to run forever and give us the least amount of surprises.  Changing your oil ever 3,500 miles use to be a standard that few followed.  Now synthetic blend oils and more efficient engines recommend longer periods between oil changes.  For instance the new Ford Escape can go up to 7,500 miles between oil changes.  However it is always a good idea to check your manufacturer recommendation.


Why Changing Your Oil is Important

  • Lubricates Your Engine’s Moving Parts – All the moving parts of your engine are operating at high rates of speed and the oil helps to make those movements create less wear and damage, in turn extending the life of your car.
  • Keeps It Cooler Too – Engines with low or dirty oil create lots of heat thru the friction of all those moving parts.  Even though these are tough materials, heat and friction can cause significant damage to your car over time.
  • Don’t Sludge Your Engine – Overtime the oil in your engine accumulates dirt particles and begins to break down and turn into sludge.  The sludge is not nearly as protective to the moving parts of your engine and nice fresh clean oil.
  • Get Better MPG – Even though gas prices have fallen a bit, who wouldn’t love better fuel economy in their car.  Surprise, changing your oil is a great way to help your MPG and the longevity of your car.

Need More Oil Change Advice?

The Gresham Quick Lane performs hundreds of oil changes a month on all makes and models foreign and domestic.  There is never a need to make an appointment and the extended hours offer more convenience than ever before.  In fact if you and your car have never been to the Gresham Quick Lane before we give you HALF OFF your first oil change.

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